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Don't just peg it....Anchorit!!

Securing the Anchor

Securing the Trampoline Anchor

Standard peg vs Our Anchor

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Let's have a look at how this Anchor works:


How did this anchor come about?  

Well... it's a little invention my dad has been sitting on for too many years now.... We decided  to share this revolutionary idea with you!

Why do we call it an "Anchor" and not a "Tent Peg"?

Because our anchors do just that, they anchor you to the ground allowing for one less thing to worry about.

Where are these anchors from?

Our Anchors are proudly manufactured right here in New Zealand

So go on, don't just peg it.... Anchorit!

Meet my father and inventor of the Anchorit NZ Products

This is one of a few patented designs.

International Registered Design No. 4045012

NZBN 9429049045451

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